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Chelsea Clinton: To protect Africa’s elephants, stop the demand

By Chelsea Buy Cheap Clomid Tablets Clinton, Clinton Buy Clomid Online Foundation Over the past several months, the confiscation of several large shipments of ivory has once again shed light on the troubling persistence of both illegal wildlife trafficking and demand for ivory—a collective tragedy that costs the lives of more than 32,000 elephants every year. Ivory has long been prized for its beauty and durability, and as incomes around the world have risen, so, too, has the demand for ivory—most of Order Clomid which ends up in Asian markets where it gets worked into jewelry or figurines and sold to increasingly affluent customers in countries like Thailand and China. To satisfy the growing appetite for ivory, traffickers increasingly are relying on aggressive poaching tactics—and poaching and trafficking have largely become the Buy Generic Clomid online province of sophisticated, militarized networks of organized crime. These include terrorist organizations such as the Lord’s Buy Clomiphene Resistance Army, who are using the sale of illegal ivory to support terrorist Clomiphene activities. “To satisfy the growing appetite for ivory, Clomidtraffickers increasingly Buy Generic Clomid online are relying on aggressive poaching tactics – and poaching and trafficking have largely become the province of sophisticated, militarized networks of organized crime. ” While new technologies like elephant GPS tracking collars and isotope testing have shown great promise in helping us more effectively combat poaching and convict poachers once they are caught, it’s clear that one of the simplest things we can do to stop the killing of elephants is to reduce consumer demand for ivory Buy Clomid Online by stigmatizing its purchase. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of a consortium of Clinton Global Initiative members called the Elephants Action Buy Cheap Clomid Network, we are working Generic Clomid hard to do just that. Together, the partner organizations have pledged to coordinate their efforts across three pillars of action to: stop the killing of elephants, stop the trafficking of their tusks and stop the demand for their ivory. In China, for example, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) launched an intensive campaign designed to build political will for elephant conservation and make the consumption of ivory socially unacceptable. As part of their pre-campaign effort, IFAW conducted a survey of consumers driving the trade. The results were surprising—70% of Chinese customers weren’t aware that ivory came only from dead elephants, that there was no ‘safe’ way to take ivory from elephants. Through extensive media partnerships, IFAW’s Buy Generic Clomid online public outreach campaign has successfully reached hundreds of millions of Chinese television viewers with the tragic facts around ivory. Save the Elephants, in partnership with WildAid, has also been working in China to educate consumers about the consequences of buying ivory through high profile media campaigns featuring Chinese basketball star, Yao Ming, and actress Li Bingbing. Through billboard advertisements, televised Buy Clomid public service announcements (PSAs) and social media platforms, this campaign has also raised Clomid overall awareness in China of the poaching crisis. Order Clomid A 2014 survey Clomiphene highlights that of those who viewed the PSAs, 90 percent Buy Cheap Generic Clomid agreed they will not purchase ivory as a result. Closer to home, the “96 Elephants” campaign, launched by the Wildlife Conservation Society, is dedicated to stopping Buy Clomid Online the slaughter of elephants by raising awareness among American consumers and pressing for the passage of tighter restrictions on the sale of ivory within the United States. We have to be part of the solution too. In addition, governments around the world have partnered with members of the Action Network to organize ivory Buy Generic Clomid online crushes in their countries—high profile Buy Clomiphene events around destroying ivory stockpiles that remove them from the marketplace, and send a clear message that violence against elephants will no longer be tolerated. According to the most recent Ivory Crush Update from 96 Buy Cheap Clomid TabletsElephants, fourteen nations have crushed or burned more than 300,000 pounds of ivory since 1989—most recently on June 19th, 1500 people stood by to witness the destruction of 2,000 pounds of ivory in Times Square in New York City. With almost 100 elephants killed for their tusks each day, there’s still a lot of work to be done to secure the safety and wellbeing of these majestic animals, but recent news gives us hope that that reversing their decline is well within reach. In June, China Buy Clomid Online announced that it intended to end the legal processing and sale of ivory—a practice that has, unfortunately, also provided cover for illegal ivory imports, as well. While it is not yet clear how quickly China will act, the announcement signals an important shift in government policy and in the commitment of the next generation to play a part in a better future. And just last month, in July, President Obama proposed new regulations that would prohibit Buy Generic Clomid online the sale of ivory across state lines and strengthen existing policies on commercial imports. As the second largest market for poached ivory, the United States has long suffered from legislative and Clomiphene regulatory loopholes that have been exploited by traffickers. If adopted, the new regulations will do a great deal to close these loopholes and reinforce ivory bans enacted by individual states like New York and New Jersey. The data shows that we are making progress. Last year, for the first time since this most recent elephant crisis began, Buy Clomid Online elephant births exceeded the number of deaths. It’s cause for celebration, Generic Clomid but in this fragile equation, continued education is key. As the success of prior campaigns—such the Dolphin-Safe Tuna campaign—have shown, most people want to do Buy Cheap Clomid the right thing for our wildlife, but we need to continue to talk about the facts so that people can make informed decisions and support their intentions. Learn more Buy Cheap Clomid about the Buy Clomiphene Partnership to Save Africa’s Elephants. See how others are celebrating World Elephant Day

Pennsylvania beauty queen jailed on fake cancer charges

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania beauty queen has been jailed on charges she faked having leukemia to benefit from fundraisers, and will be stripped of her title. PHOTOS: 23-year-old Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates: Online court records show Buy Clomid Online 23-year-old Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, of State College, was arraigned Tuesday on charges of theft by deception and receiving stolen property. State police say an April bingo benefit raised $14,000 for the Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International pageant winner. Troopers are asking the public to come forward if they have donated Clomid money to Weaver-Gates. Butler’s Beauties, the company that sponsors the pageant, says in a Facebook Order Clomid page statement Buy Cheap Generic Clomid that they Buy Clomid Online were also “led to believe that she was dealing with this Buy Generic Clomid online horrible disease” and are making her return her Buy Clomid crown and Buy Cheap Clomid Tablets sash. Records don’t list an attorney for Weaver-Gates, who faces a preliminary hearing Aug. 19.

Bill Nye Kickstarter is highest funded documentary in history

Calling all science nerds! (And really anyone who was dazzled by “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in your elementary and middle school years). “The Bill Nye Film” came about when two filmmakers/huge fans started a Kickstarter campaign to create a film all about this beloved science guy. Within days of launching the campaign, the project blew up. “Then, we shared Buy Cheap Clomid our vision with Bill, who not only said yes but opened Clomiphene up his life to us. We’re still a little giddy. It’s awesome!” As of August 12 at 10 AM, the Buy Clomid Online campaign has raised $757,935! This far surpassed the Buy Generic Clomid online duo’s original goal of $650,000. The campaign ends August 13 at 10 pm EST. TV’s “Science Guy” Bill Nye stand speaks during a debate on evolution Buy Clomiphene with Creation Museum head Ken Ham, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, at the Petersburg, Ky. museum. Ham believes the Earth was created 6,000 years ago by God and is told strictly through the Bible. Nye says he is worried the U.S. will not move forward if creationism is taught to children. (AP Photo/Dylan Lovan)

One of the world’s most beautiful mosques gets replastered every year

Dating back to 1907, the Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali and its immediate surroundings are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each year the citizens of Djenné take to the streets and square Buy Clomid Online in front of themosque in Generic Clomid order Buy Clomiphene to repair it. Located near the Bani River, the mosque is built on a raised platform nearly 10 feet high which Buy Generic Clomid online protects it from even the worst flooding. The climate is another Buy Cheap Clomid Tablets story altogether. Mud-brick doesn’t survive so well in an area marked by extended stretches of dry heat Buy Cheap Generic Clomid punctuated by the occasional downpour. Cracks and leaks are Buy Clomid Online quick to develop and worsen. This requires a yearly Order Clomid coat of mud plastering to preserve the mosque—the largest mud-brick structure in the world. Buckets of plaster are carried—Buy Clomiphene or raced—to the front of the mosque and then smeared onto the walls by men Buy Clomid perched atop the built-in palm wood scaffolding. The mosque stands as a testament Clomiphene to Sudano-Sahelian architecture with an Islamic tinge.

Costa Rica Tours, Vacation Packages & Travel Services by Gray Line

Built on our slogan of providing the best product to our commercial partners and based on our personal knowledge and experience, we have designed a variety of multi day escorted tours and vacation packages, which include the best destinations, acommodations and attractions in our country, with a shuttle service included. Book now!

The more adventurous are offered the option to explore Costa Rica more in depth, still connecting with the organized tour, but also with the freedom to move around the country at their pace in their own 4×4 rental car

Enjoy Our One Day Tours and Activities

Experience the ultimate Costa Rica one-day tours we have for you. Our day tours are the perfect wayfor you to enjoy the wonders Costa Rica has to offer.

Whether you want to go sightseeing and explore the culture and history of Costa Rica or even to satisfy you adrenaline needs you will certainly find something for you. Our tours have been created for you to explore everything in this fantastic full day activity. Book today to experience everything that Costa Rica has to offer.

We have tours departing from San José and also tours departing from Guanacaste and they all include an English speaking tour guide to support you through your whole tour as well as full transportation and a lunch to keep you going throughout the day. Many of our tours also include entrance fees as well as a dinner for our longer trips.

All of our tours in Costa Rica cover many themes you are sure to find the perfect tour for you.

Why not book today and start exploring everything that this wonderful country has to offer.

Exciting Vacation Packages and Multi Day Tours for Families, Solo Travellers or Couples

Working with our many partners we have been able to offer a wide range of Costa Rica vacation packages and multi-day tours. These fantastic packages will enable you to see everything that Costa Rica has to offer. With our great variety of vacation packages ranging from 6 to 12 days, you have plenty of options to discover Costa Rica.

We have worked with some of the best local tour operators in many areas to ensure that our services are of the highest quality. This means that you will have an enjoyable Costa Rica vacation with the best experiences possible in this amazing country. There are plenty of options including different hotel options, both standard and superior to ensure you have the most enjoyable stay in Costa Rica according to your budget and preferences.

Regardless as to what option you choose, you are certain with us to have an enjoyable Costa Rica holiday. We are offering the very best and most inspiring destinations as well as the finest accommodation options, together with the best attractions so that you can have the best and most memorable vacation in Costa Rica.

Gray Line’s vacation packages, the best way to discover Costa Rica!

Safe and Affordable Tourist Shuttle Bus Service

If you are already in Costa Rica, you will find our Costa Rica shuttle bus service as a great and affordable option to safely move from one tourist destination to another. Get picked up from your hotel, by one of our luxurious air-conditioned Gray Line tourist buses. Where you can relax in comfort and safety.

Our professional drivers and our modern fleet of buses will ensure that you get around Costa Rica in full safety and comfort. You have plenty of options with our Costa Rica Shuttle bus service. You can select a single one-way trip, a round trip or a multi-destination trip and see it all. You have the option to book multiple trips for the length of your stay in Costa Rica.

Another great advantage is that you can also combine your Costa Rica Shuttle Bus booking with our fantastic Airport Shuttle Service. We can take care of your transport needs for your vacation from start to finish.

Comfortable Airport Shuttle Service

If you are flying in soon why not book our airport shuttle service. Providing services from both Juan Santamaria International airport in San José and Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, Guanacaste, our airport shuttle is the best way to get to and from the airport.

Our airport shuttle bus service is the most economical way to get to your hotel while visiting Costa Rica. Serving both main international airports, San José as well as Liberia International airport, our airport shuttle serves all the major hotels in the San José and Guanacaste areas. This makes it the best start to your Costa Rica vacation.

Our professional drivers and our modern fleet of buses will ensure that you get around Costa Rica in full safety and comfort. Naturally, you have plenty of options with our airport shuttle bus service. You can select a single one way tripor a round trip and see it all. You can also book multiple trips for the length of your stay in Costa Rica.

Exclusive Private Transportation Services at Your Disposal

If you would like to try something a little more exclusive for your stay, why not consider our Costa Rica private transportation services. With a range of extras included, it is far more than just a transfer service. You will find our fully bilingual tour guides at your service and our experienced drivers there to take you anywhere in Costa Rica.

You will also be traveling in safety and comfort in one of our Toyota Hiace vans. Being able to seat up to nine passengers plus luggage they will suit all your needs regardless of the size of your party. Insurance cover is also included with many extras including cell phone available with free local calls and a VIP greeting at the airport when you arrive.

Our Costa Rica private bus transportation service is by far the most relaxing and exclusive way to start your vacation in Costa Rica. With competitive daily rates this could well be the best option.

Stay at Our Handpicked Hotels and Resorts

We have partnered with the finest hotels in Costa Rica making your vacation enjoyable and memorable. Regardless of your requirements we can find the right hotel for you. With some of the most enjoyable surroundings you will find yourself in the most perfect surroundings. You will love San Jose and the central valley.

This is the perfect location to begin your vacation. You will find that there is a great one day tours departing from San Jose. you will have some of the best opportunities for sight seeing, adventure tours and cultural attractions.

For the cultural visitor you will find some of the best museums on your doorstep including, the Gold, Jade, the National Museum and also the opportunity to see at first hand some Costa Rican Art. You will also be able to discover the La Salle Natural History museum and even attractions for children. You will be close to San Jose’s greatest piece of architecture, the National Theater. National Parks are also nearby in the central valley, you can explore the amazing Costa Rica volcanoes such as the Poas volcano and the Irazu volcano.

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A acidic pH of the data for Buy Clomid Online next years. HCC surveillance Buy Clomid abdominal Buy Clomid Online has high sensitivity as well as inexpensively, Clomid. and being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of CHF.

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